and this system both allow you to browse homes and condominiums available in Toronto at your discretion.

Our personal systems are much more targeted, usually by streets in a neighbourhood. If you identify a location like Lawrence Park or the Trinity Bellwoods area, we will provide not only what is available targeted to your needs but what has sold, charts showing recent and past changes of average price and number of sales as well, as our predictions for the future. Once you have decided that working with this level of detail allows you to make a more informed decision, we will enroll you on a FIRST TO KNOW basis.

Remember a professional should be knowledgeable enough to advise you, within a neighbourhood, which streets are prime, the side of the street that is preferable, the impact of a compromised lot, proximity to busy streets, subways, fire stations and how it will affect the price both now and in the future. We see ourselves as trusted advisors that ensure you know both the good and the bad about a property that you may be interested in. We will always put your needs first.