All of the boomer generations are over 55, and many of our parents still live in family homes. Seniors represent 1 in 6 of us, and the “Next Move” requires an honest, empathetic, experienced, and dignified“Hands-On” approach that helps everyone move forward positively and productively.  Selling, buying, and moving can be a complicated, stressful, and emotional process for all involved.  We offer to help ease the stress with a compassionate, supportive, and educated approach.

With our personal and professional experience and training (Gordon is an Accredited Senior Agent – A.S.A. as well as a Professional Engineer) we can help with:

  • Disposition of contents and preparation of the home
  • The transition, lawyers, tax planning, estates, and capital gains
  • Preparing the house to get maximum dollars
  • Moving and packing
  • Home issues, electrical, roofs, furnaces, oil tanks, etc.
  • Reverse mortgages


Engaging in a relationship before it is needed will make this process much more comfortable and alleviates surprises, unwanted solicitations, and pressure situations. Too often, someone shows up on your doorstep, wanting to purchase your home when it is not for sale.  Rarely are these situations beneficial to you. Our strategic and skilled negotiation expertise will ensure that you receive the highest possible price and that your transaction is secure.

For an honest, confidential meeting, please contact us.

 “My parents took several years to decide to sell their home and never once did they ever feel pressured to act before they were ready.  Despite an uncertain market, my parent’s age, and ability to prepare the house in time, Gordon and Jennifer never lost sight of the fact that this was a difficult and trying task for my parents and myself both physically and emotionally.  They were both there numerous times to assist in dealing with issues and home preparation.  They were extremely flexible when asked to set viewing times around my mother’s medical needs.

True to their plan, we had six firm offers within four days and sold for close to 10% over asking price.  Their positive “Can Do” attitude, a wealth of personal and professional experience, and keen knowledge and understanding of the market combined with their compassionate and respectful way of dealing with seniors are superb!  I am happy to recommend these two wonderful people highly.  They are agents you can trust and count on.”

“My husband and I first met Brent 2 years ago.  It was a difficult time as both my parents were very ill and we needed to sell their home.  We interviewed a few agents and discussed their assessment of the house – listing price, suggested repairs, or renovations to maximize the return and potential buyers.  In that first meeting, Brent impressed us with his deep knowledge of the market and his boundless energy to work for the sale.  The advice we had received from another agent was that the target buyer was a builder and so we should not do anything to the house because it would be a waste of time and money. Brent thought differently.  He advised that with several selected repairs/renovations, we could get more as we could broaden the appeal to potential home buyers.  Brent put us in touch with contractors and worked alongside us to make sure completion of the work was on time and budget (approx. $6,000.)  Brent’s hard work and advice netted us over $200,000 more than we would have gotten from a builder.  Brent is head and shoulders above any agent we have ever worked with.  We highly recommend him. His insight, strong work ethic, and professionalism are exceptional.  Equally important, Brent is easy to work with and a nice guy to boot!”

“After 40 plus years in our home on St. Leonards Crescent….we decided to sell. Now came the difficult part…. find a realtor with the patience, integrity, market knowledge, and communication skills to inform us as to current conditions,  plan a market approach, find a buyer, and have the negotiating skills to close the sale.

We are pleased to tell your Company that you are the consummate real estate professionals and have handled the whole process skillfully and knowledgeably…we would recommend you both to others.”