“After 40 plus years in our home, we decided to sell.  Now came the really difficult part….find a realtor…..with the integrity/market knowledge/communication skills to inform us as to current conditions/plan a market approach/find a buyer and have the negotiating skills to close the sale. We are pleased to tell your Company that you are the consummate real estate professionals and have handled the whole transaction skillfully and knowledgeably…., and we would strongly recommend you both to others.” 


There are over 50,000 realtors in Toronto, many of whom became real estate professionals in less than six months, and many who would tell you there is no difference between agents and companies.  Friends and relatives push you to use their agents or friends.  Builders knock on your door, hoping that you are naïve enough to deal directly with them to save on commissions(there is only one winner in this scenario, and it’s not you). Unknown agents phone telling you about a sale that they were not involved with saying they have a buyer for your house and have never sold in the neighbourhood before!

Caution! Your home is often your greatest asset, and you won’t pay any taxes on the sale if it is your principal residence. A mistake can easily cost you more than the total commission you would have paid and will almost certainly create significantly more stress and often for a longer period than necessary.

There are reasons why 5% of us are responsible for 95% of the transactions in Toronto.


We are passionate about our business and have become friends with many of our clients after successfully having helped them fulfill their dream.  We are professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. We continually upgrade our skills and knowledge beyond the courses required to acquire and maintain our licenses to become  “Professionals” in this industry. Many agents obtain this designation in a short amount of time(Gordon took 4+ years and two years apprenticeship to become a Professional Engineer and then completed a Masters degree in Construction Management and Contract Negotiation).

Our name and reputation are everything to us.  Integrity and honesty are imperative, and we hold the standards of Professional Engineering as our benchmark.

We are three agents with a diversity of skill sets and a synergy of approach.  You will only have contact with us, not with assistants or purchasing agents, so that any information you are looking for whether feedback on a showing or the answer to a question will be first hand from us.

We all have experience and training in marketing and advertising before becoming agents. We analyze the target market and then position your home.  After we determine the right strategies and tactics, we then schedule and utilize the most current vehicles using websites, social and digital media, as well as print vehicles to sell your home.

If you want a good idea of how an agent will represent you, merely look at their website.

Where almost all agents utilize the Toronto Real Estate Board data, we accurately analyze your neighbourhood, often street by street, and have for many years.  We compare it to the Toronto region and other neighbourhoods to look for trends. This level of understanding is imperative for advising a client on pricing and timing. We also follow economic, financial, local, political, and world events since they often have a direct impact on the Toronto housing market and possibly even your particular neighbourhood.

Toronto is a large multicultural city with varying demographics. Recent government initiatives have had a significant impact. We are among the very few agents that analyze the demographics of where people live as well as where they move, to understand the trends taking place.  This information is critical and has had a significant impact in some neighbourhoods and next to none in others.

For many years we have been known for our in-depth Neighbourhood Annual Reports, bound and delivered to your door. They show what happened during the year compared to previous years, why it happened, in our opinion, as well as what we predicted for the future. These reports are available on-line.

We know and love homes and can look beyond what we see in a property, as we had to do for ourselves when we renovated/built 7 of our homes.  We often know what needs and could be done, whether removing a wall, adding an extension, or just painting, and can provide realistic costs and timelines.  We always attend building inspections for our clients to meet and interact with the building inspector, to interpret what is normal or not, and to communicate what it means. It is imperative that someone knowledgeable be by your side to often deal with inexperienced agents who often overestimate the cost to repair a deficiency to their clients, potentially jeopardizing a transaction.