Toronto currently has over 50,000 agents, many part-time, and 5 percent of us are responsible for 95% of the transactions.

Before 2017/2018 and the Foreign Buyers Tax and Stress Test for mortgages, house prices were rising at a breakneck pace in Toronto, often at over 10% per year. The apparent ease of selling a home in that type of market and earning a good income had many people from all walks of life change careers into selling real estate. The Real Estate Council of Ontario has recognized that the education and licensing requirements have been inadequate when anyone could become a Real Estate Professional in under six months. Programs have been improved, moved to a community college, and intensified, a good step for the industry and you in the fall of 2019.

We see many homes being listed at unrealistic prices by agents to obtain the listing for their benefit. Reducing commission is another tool that used that often translates into a lack of advertising and promotion on your behalf. Often, clients find themselves locked into lengthy contracts.

Today when you are buying or selling a home, your agent should have experience, knowledge, ethics, plus strong negotiation and marketing skills.

True professionals should put your interests first and be willing to back up their performance with a guarantee.


We have over 1,000 real estate transactions to our credit and are very confident in our expertise, level of service, and our results.

For Our Sellers *

Although contracts are required, should you become unhappy with our service at any time before selling, we will release you from the agreement. * For full details regarding our guarantee, please contact us directly.

For Our Buyers*

Should you purchase through us and decide to sell within three years, and we are not able to sell for what you paid plus our commission portion when you bought, we will not charge you our part of the commission. *For full details, please contact us directly.