Jennifer Stanley
Senior Vice President

What makes Jennifer exceptional in Toronto’s real estate market is her ability to listen and hear you, as well as her genuine caring and compassionate approach, clear communication skills, pragmatism, compassion and experience. Whether you are buying a first home, changing neighbourhoods, expanding, or downsizing, she knows that every decision to move is both exciting, stressful, and one of the most important decisions you and your family will make.

As a mother with a blended family of five, who has moved/renovated more than a few times and with over 25 years of experience as a real estate agent, Jennifer knows how to transform your needs and desires into reality while she makes every effort to reduce your stress. She emphasizes the importance of preparation, patience, and expert guidance to ensure the very best outcome in your transaction. Her attention to detail, combined with flawless creative execution, which is customized to each situation, is critical to your success.

Knowing and understanding the current market condition as well as national, international, and economic climate conditions allows her to determine the optimal timing, marketing strategies, and tactics for both local and international buyers. Jennifer’s integrated approach allows you to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your aspirations will be translated into the best real estate decisions, and results for your family, and lifestyle choices.