In a crowded and volatile housing market crowded with agents, Gordon’s unique advantage lies for you lies in his Professional Engineering certifications, his rigorous analysis, and interpretation of the Toronto Real Estate Market (neighbourhood by neighbourhood), building knowledge, and his adherence to the highest of ethical standards of an engineer.

For the past 15 years, Gordon has worked in close collaboration with his wife and business partner Jennifer Stanley. Together they offer a full range of real estate services to families and individuals.  Gordon focuses on the bones of the house as well as the current and future markets and Jennifer on the heart of the home.  Gordon has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, as well as a master’s degree in Construction Management, and leverages his background, training and his 25+ years of real estate experience. He was a project manager in Texas, Mississippi, and West Virginia before beginning his career in real estate and has renovated/built 7 of his homes since.

His clients admire the hands-on, pragmatic problem-solving approach towards the condition of a home or its potential, his advice on renovations, and suggestions of ‘what to address’, before selling a home. Whether you are buying or selling, Gordon is present for the building inspection, interacts with the inspector, and will help you understand the implications of the report, recommendations, and associated costs. In fact, over his career, his knowledge and vision of how to turn a property into your dream home, as well as the realistic timelines and costs that may be involved, will help you to make informed decisions.

There are very few agents in Toronto with Gordon’s’ knowledge of the physical house and even fewer with his depth of statistical market information, analysis, predictions, and reports. This knowledge will give you confidence in his recommendations and makes him formidable in negotiations on your behalf.

A successful transaction is also a matter of timing, marketing, and negotiations. With over 1000 transactions to his credit, Gordon maintains a current keen sense of local market movements within Toronto and will advise his clients on their optimal timeline for buying or selling their home or condominium, as well as pricing strategies.