Our competitive advantage and one of the reasons that we offer you a guarantee when you sell through us is that our understanding and experience in marketing and advertising, which began before entering into real estate and honed over our career, has put us at the cutting edge of providing some of the best materials and exposure for a home in the most coordinated and targeted way. We attribute a portion of our consistent ability to break records and achieve higher than average price results to our marketing and advertising.

Most agents when they enter the real estate industry have little if any training or experience in marketing and advertising. Many depend upon their brokerage to provide the tools to help sell one of your largest assets, your home, with limited budgets, directed to the wrong group of buyers and often with a lower quality of advertising, which often reflects in the sale price of your home.

Our expertise in marketing and advertising began with exposure through numerous family members who achieved the highest levels in major product goods, pharmaceutical and advertising companies. Jennifer had her own giftware business and Gordon was involved with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for a construction association in Ontario. Transitioning to advertising and marketing of homes was much less daunting to us and we have adapted our tactics to incorporate the use of digital technologies and social media.

We create an integrated marketing campaign specific to your home starting with an in-depth analysis of who the buyer will be (target market). This allows us to position your home to that group and develop strategies and tactics to address that buyer.

Our next step is to advise you on what, if anything, needs to be done to prepare your home for sale, from repairs, painting, re-arranging furniture to de-cluttering. We will also determine if staging your home (changing the look by replacing furniture, artwork, etc.) would be beneficial or if it would take away from the warmth and character you may have created.

Your home has a story and we try to capture it through the description and details. We spend a great amount of time to create added value which is then transferred into feature sheets, property details website and all other media vehicles we will use.

A picture is worth a thousand words but one out of focus or from the wrong perspective sends the wrong message. We use and pay for professionals to photograph your homes best side, create videos and provide floor plans.

In addition to what we do through the Sotheby’s International Realty platform, our personal advertising includes the most current utilization of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, blogs, and our websites as well as print. This is critical for you so that your home receives the maximum amount of exposure. We believe you will find the quality of this website as an example of how we would market your home.

We understand the necessity of a strong corporate marketing platform that is international and current in all technologies to support our efforts. Sotheby’s web views posted in the Digital Marketing section of this site are 60 % higher than our closest competitor and more than 80% higher than the rest. It is easy for our competition to say they provide international exposure but to do it effectively requires a vast network dedicated to real estate. Sotheby’s International Realty is ranked Number 1 by Google for luxury homes.

Since communicating to you when each item will occur helps us reduce your stress we will create a marketing itinerary so that we can all see the timelines, adjust as is necessary and advise you if we anticipate an event that may have any impact on the successful sale of your home. Our Folio system ensures our accountability to you so that when we have successfully sold you home you will have no doubt that we have truly exposed your home to the right market.